Toonami and CN Promo Restorations

Restoration[1]: 2000 - Toonami Block Opening + Sailor Moon R / S Intro (60fps)

This promo was played before S episodes, but used clips from R.


Technical info: (59.94p from NTSC 59.94i) ~480p to 2880x2160p, this preserves quality with higher bit-rate.


Tools Used: AvsPmod, Virtualdub (x86 and x64 versions), AviSynth+ (x86 and x64), qtgmc, nnedi3 and several other filters for processing.


Final render and color correction in Magix Vegas Pro.


Photoshop for the thumbnail.


Captured with the BMD Intensity Pro 4k using Component Video. (…)


*Part of project to back-up promos for everyone out of Preservation, as original Toonami team has lost the masters for most of these videos, and has stated they would appreciate fans preserving.

Restoration[2]: 2000 - Toonami and CN Originals Promo Hodgepodge [in Sailor Moon S airings]

Man, this was a lot of work and new skills to learn, but here it is finally.


[*watch at 2160p60 for full quality]


Promos from during Sailor Moon S airings in 2000 in true frame-rate of the original footage (60i to 60fps)


All promos from multiple days during the Sailor Moon airings.


I used a different process for this, so quality is not quite as high as my last promo upload.


I will go back eventually and recapture the better way at a much later date.


This video will be replaced with the new one when/if that happens, but for now enjoy.




Captured from DVHS player in the wrong mode for best quality.


The final result is over-processed losing quality, IE over-sharpening.


Next time I will capture with only the internal TBC and possibly the Vertical Sync option enabled.


(59.94p from NTSC 59.94i) ~480p to 2160p


Tools Used:


AvsPmod, Virtualdub2 (and VirtualDub x86), AviSynth+ (x86/x64), QTGMC, nnedi3 and several other filters for processing.


Intermediate renders from VirtualDub/VD2, Final render from FFmpeg (


Captured with the BMD Intensity Pro 4k with Component Video from JVC DVHS Player [HM-30000u].


*Part of project to back-up promos for everyone out of Preservation, as original Toonami team has lost the masters for most of these videos, and has stated they would appreciate fans preserving. CN Network Originals promos included for preservation of the original experience and for promotion of these great titles.

1. Tenchi Muyo! Promo he is coming 00:00
2. Cartoon Network Logo He-Man through wall 00:09
3. Toonami Block Intro 2000 00:18
4. Sailor Moon R/S Intro 1:18
5. Sailor Moon WRM dream dolly 1:48
6. Reboot Promo 1:57
7. Cartoon CARTOON Summer Promo
8. Toonami Line-up Screen
9. Sailor Moon BTTS Venus,Jupiter,Mars
10. Sailor Moon YAW version 1 w/ tom screen
11. Sailor Moon WRM watch out
12. CCF Promo feat. Trever premiere and new Ed, Edd, and Eddy
13. Sailor Moon BTTS Tuxedo Mask
14. You are watching Toonami text, elevator
15. Sailor Moon WRM Mars Star Power
16. Promo
17. CCF Changes Promo
18. Sailor Moon BTTS Sailor Planet Power
19. Sailor Moon YAW Wicked Lady
20. Sailor Moon WRM Mercury
21. Toonami Rising Sun Promo
22. Boomerang Promo
23. Sailor Moon BTTS Rini and Luna
24. You are watching Toonami elevator
25. Sailor Moon WRM you wanna see action, I’ll give it to you
26. Sailor Moon BTTS Moon Prism Power
27. Sailor Moon YAW Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
28. Reboot Next bingo (partial)
29. Sailor Moon WRM you’re mine
30. Sailor Moon BTTS yoma attack
31. Reboot Next Enzo
32. Sailor Moon YAW let’s clean their clocks
33. Sailor Moon BTTS Sailor Moon
34. You are watching Toonami tom walk up to console
35. Sailor Moon YAW you and your slimly friends are not getting away (partial)
36. Sailor Moon BTTS Jupiter Power
10b. Sailor Moon YAW version 1 w/ tom screen (duplicate)
4b. Sailor Moon R/S Intro (alt angle Absolution)
37. Sailor Moon YAW what-cha waiting for Amy, we gotta bust some bad guys
38. Sailor Moon BTTS Mars we’re going to chew you up and spit you out
39. You are watching Toonami open door
40. You are watching Toonami tom hallway

Restoration[3]: 1999, 8-27 - Toonami / CN Orig. Promo Hodgepodge [Sailor Moon, Reboot, DBZ]

Restoration[4]: 2001, 4-20 - Toonami/CN Promo Hodgepodge [Sub-Zero In-flight Movie Event]

Restoration[5]: 2000, 10-21 - Toonami / CN Orig. Promo Hodgpepodge [Rising Sun Block]

Restoration[6]: 2000 - Toonami - The Intruder (First Half: 1,2b,3,4)

Restoration[7]: 2002, 7 - CN Promo Hodgepodge w/ Toonami TOM2 Intro [PPGs Movie Week]

Restoration[8]: Toonami Promo Hodgepodge (During Sailor Moon Super S, ending weeks of Intruder)

Restoration[9]: 2001, 3 - Toonami Midnight Run & CN Orig. Promo Hodgepodge

Restoration[10]: CN Cartoon CARTOON Fridays - You with Us? - Promotional Tape Promos

Restoration[11]: 2004, 4-10 - SVES - Clone Wars Event Promo Hodgepodge (with Toonami\Miguzi Promos)

Restoration[12]: 2000, 9-22 - Toonami & CN CCFs Promo Hodgepodge (includes The Intruder epi 5 & 6)

Restoration[13]: 2000, 11 - Toonami & CN Originals Promo Hodgepodge (In Spacedock)

Restoration[14]: 2002 - Toonami on KidsWB Promo Hodgepodge (partial block)

Restoration[15]: 1999, 8-10~13 - Toonami & CN Orig. Promo Hodgepodge (Partial Block)

Restoration[16]: 2002 - Cartoon Network Originals Promo Hodgepodge (Summer)

Restoration[17]: 2000, 7 - Toonami and CN Orig. Promo Hodgepodge (partial block)

Restoration[18]: 2001, 11 - Toonami Midnight Run SE Repeat and CN Orig. Promo Hodgepodge

Restoration[19]: 2001, 4 - Toonami and CN Originals - Short Promo Hodgepodge (Partial Block)

Restoration[20]: 2000, 4-8 - Toonami Garlic Jr Saga Full Cycle Short Promo Hodpodge

Restoration[21]: 2001, 5-25 - Toonami "Z-Day 2" Promo Hodgepodge

Restoration[22]: 1999, 8-18~19 - Toonami almost Full Block Promo Hodgepodge

Restoration[23]: 2001, 9-21 - Toonami - Lockdown Final Episode Promo Hodgepodge

Restoration[24]: 2001 - Toonami - Final episodes of DBZ Cell Games Promo Hodgepodge